A small group of paranormal investigators travel Alberta, Canada, exploring historic hauntings and punching aggressive ghosts.



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I hope you're all doing well. I, myself, have an exciting project on my plate which means, unfortunately, that I have to put Ghost Punchers on hiatus for the time being. This will also give me a chance to do some things I've been wanting to do with the story so that by the time I come back, there should be some exciting developments.

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Taking a break this week

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The world is intense right now. This past week got away from me so I'm afraid there won't be a page this week. I'll resume posting next Monday.

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And we're updating again!

Hello friends!

Chapter one continues with plans to visit the Deane House. For those not from Calgary, it's a neat old house that's been around since this city was just a fort. It has been moved twice and has changed ownership a number of times. Originally it was the house built by Captain Richard Deane for his wife. In its time it hosted many garden parties and important dignitaries. It has been a boarding house, a museum and, now, a restaurant. Countless rumours surround it with mysterious deaths (though few of these show up in official records and so cannot be confirmed) and strange happenings. There are a number of regular hauntings that are reported, including a ghost that chills at the front of house, a woman with no lower limbs, a washer whose husband killed her and then himself, ringing antique phones that are no longer connected, and the smell of tobacco and cigars coming from empty rooms. There is also a stain in front of a door in the attic. It changes sizes and cannot be washed away despite many attempts.

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Pandemics and Panics

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I'm sorry that things got off track. Some personal stuff was happening and THEN the pandemic reached us. I needed some time to process. BUT! Ghost Punchers will go back to updating regularly this coming Monday.

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